The Winning Boost

eXplain gives you the winning boost.

We are changing the paradigm and provide you with a hyperlocal view of all the dynamics on territories that matter to you. We have built a world-class hyperlocal database to make it possible to harness the information your competitors cannot see: the fine-grained details of local issues… and to take action.

You’ve already got a lot on your hands. Let eXplain give you the winning boost.

Corporate clients

Political clients

Our approach: combining Social Science with Intelligent Algorithms

We help you get results by leveraging the world’s most precise database of local information, with total transparency of sources, using an entirely unique intelligent algorithm: SEARCH.

We identify the local stakeholders who are crucial to your success, we assess the risks associated with your project, and we continually scan all of our sources for the essential information and the local contextual insights that you need to make the winning difference to your project. On top of this, we directly engage with the people who matter most for your project, through an impactful and streamlined door-to-door canvassing strategy.

You’ve already got a lot on your hands. Let EXPLAIN give you the winning boost.

Our Products

Local projects


Comprehensive solution to increase the likelihood that your project will be accepted by local stakeholders, decision-makers as local residents. Windpower, infrastructure, urban planning: we help you improve the effectiveness of your actions, at all stages of project development.

Learn more about Goodwill

Electoral campaigns


Comprehensive package to boost your electoral results. Win the votes which make the biggest difference.

Learn more about Pivot

Our origins

At eXplain, we are at the vanguard of combining Artificial Intelligence and the social and cognitive sciences to create empirical insights.

Between them, our three founders have studied and taught at Harvard, MIT, ENS, HEC Paris and SciencesPo Paris. They have contributed to recent great electoral victories and have an exceptional track record working with a range of organizations (such as B2B firms and political parties) that engage with the whole population, with local decision-makers and influencers, and to local authorities.

Our Ethics Code

An ethical client assessment process

We do not blindfully work with anyone who approaches us. We ensure that our clients meet our ethical standards and values : democratic ideals, inclusiveness and transparency.

To do so, we always look at two dimensions:

  • Our client’s cause: do the client’s goals, mission, or cause run contrary to our values ?
  • The actions that we would help the client take: do these actions conform to our values ?

Transparency and Data Protection

We know that data isn’t like other products. Unfortunately the recent past demonstrates that misuse of data can cause catastrophic damage

For this reason, we use advanced safeguards :

  • All our technology partners are ISO27001 certified
  • All our data is anonymized
  • All our data is stored in France
  • No data is transferred to third parties without express consent

Explaining is not manipulating

We collect hyperlocal data that make it possible for our client to shed a light on everything that is happening at a local level. Our analytical tools are designed to explain local dynamics, not manipulate individuals.

For this we make the following commitments:

  • We do not develop individualized micro-targeting tools
  • We do not spread targeted information on social media