Winning Local Involvement

GOODWILL is a comprehensive solution to increase the likelihood that your project will be accepted by local stakeholders, decision-makers as local residents. Windpower, infrastructure, urban planning: we help you improve the effectiveness of your actions, at all stages of project development, using three feature

  • SAM : our hyperlocal data to capture everything that is happening on territories that matter to you
  • IMPACTERS SENTINEL : our algorithms that processes all data in SAM to identify the IMPACTERS, the local influencers.
  • DOOR-TO-DOOR IMPACT : turnkey door-to-door campaigns to engage directly with local residents around your project


Specialized local data

We have built the largest hyperlocal database, containing more than 400 million local press articles, more than 100 million administrative documents to monitor precisely local dynamics on territories that matter to you


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Impacters sentinel

Local topics intelligence

For any given zone, we construct a reliable list of the most important stakeholders who can help or hinder your project.

We create these lists using our own AI technology, IMPACTERS SENTINEL, which analyzes millions of local data-points (including information on the local press, local assembly reports, frequently visited websites….) to reveal the most decisive actors in your chosen zone.


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Door-To-Door Impact

We set up a dedicated and high impact door-to-door strategy, using our team of experienced ambassadors, specialized in listening and face-to-face campaigning.

Our highly effective approach makes it possible to map precisely how local issues are perceived and engage directly with local residents.


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