The winning votes

PIVOT is the comprehensive package to boost your electoral results. Win the votes which make the biggest difference.

You need to win in the right places. The unique method we have designed allows us to pinpoint the zones in which constituents are most likely to “swing”, and vote for you. Our technology then makes it possible to run impactful and engaging door-to-door campaigning — empirically proven to be the most effective way to win over voters.

eXplain’s efficient method is the result of a wide breadth of experience with more than 1,000 campaigns, and our forward-thinking use of new technology :

  • SAM : our database of local socio-electoral information
  • SEARCH : our proprietary algorithm that analyzes all data in our database

PIVOT offers you the votes that matter most to your campaign. Will you take them?


Specialized local data

At eXplain, our specialized database of socio-electoral information is structured to identify the zones most densely populated with voters who might change their voting habits in your favor.


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Pivot Locator Intelligence

SEARCH is an intelligent algorithm developed by our team of data scientists, supervised by our Chief Science Officer and Harvard Researcher, Vincent Pons.

This algorithm makes it possible to locate the electoral zones where voters are most likely to swing their vote in your favor.


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